Condor Country

This is a game created by Cerberus Interactive. In Condor Country is a simulation where you have to breed condors and return them to the wild. You can build traps, tag the condors, watch their movement in the reservation and take care of their health. The project was commissioned by the Santa Barbara Zoo of California in the USA.

Condor Country Game Trailer from Santa Barbara Zoo on Vimeo.

I was brought in the project to help the team migrate to the Unity3D engine. My main tasks were to write a guide for the mobile performance optimization, like Occlusion Culling, light baking and asset optimization. I was also tasked with writing prototypes for the game mechanics and for the condor AI, which would serve as a basis for the further work of the Cerberus team. I worked remote and communicated via Slack and Google Hangouts with the team, while using BitBucket for synchronizing the project data.

The Condor Country website: