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Super Corona Shopper

A small game I created in two weeks. It is meant as a parody of a lot of weird behaviour in the Corona-Epidemic 2019-2021. The game is also meant to be sarcastically-educational and shows what the things you do, like hoarding and not wearing a mask, will do to others. Play it for free on my website. Use the maximize screen button to play in full screen mode and click into the game canvas to play with sound.

Auto Texture Tiling Tool

Everyone has been in this situation: you want to prototype some new map or build some architecture in the Editor, since you don’t want to fire up your 3D-modeling software for such simple stuff. You build a floor and some walls.
But oh no! The texture stretches! No problem, since you can set tiling in the Material Editor of Unity.
But oh no! Now the tiling of each side is the same. And it is also the same for any object with this material! But you don’t want that!
You give up completely frustrated and abandon your project for weeks, drinking yourself to sleep with vodka while binge watching Netflix.
There has to be a better way! But there isn’t…

Or is there…?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present:


FRCC Educational Game

The FRCC project is an educational game that teaches neurological biology with multiple choice quizzes and mini games. You control a customizable avatar of a student who has to talk to several NPCs. The NPCs then shows and tells information on the current topic and later present the multiple choice tests and mini games. A final test then assesses the learning progress of the student. The game consists of 12 levels which cover several different topics like „Stress“ and „Sleep Deprivation“.


Dark Matty

„Dark Matty“ is an arcade game with breakout-style game play for iOS and Android. The game was developed in Unity3D, using C# as the programming language. I did the programming for the whole game working by design concepts and ideas given by the customer. Additionally I added some animations, created the sounds and advised with several game design issues and helped to refine the game play.


Quest for Revenge

The great Kingdom of the west has fallen. The gods ignore the prayers of the desperate. A dark warlord has extinguished the last remaining princes of the land and there are no more heroes who can stand against the armies of evil.

The mercenary doesn’t care. The last person who meant anything to him, his only blood relative, was killed. He is sitting in prison for a murder that he didn’t commit. The murder of his own mother. Someone will bleed for it, and it will get ugly.