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Temple Tour

The tourist did not listen to the tour guide and now he is in deep trouble. More precisely in an old temple. Try to survive the traps, make your way out of the temple and snatch some riches, while
you’re on it. Make your way to the lowest level of the temple for the ultimate price: The Golden Skull.

Temple Tour is a small arcade adventure game. You are controlling the Tourist and have to get him out of an ancient temple full of traps, skeletons and monsters. But there is not only danger! Make some neat souvenir photos from strange plants and ancient artefacts. Find gold, treasure and get the items to survive.

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Color Souls

The world is changing. All color is diminishing and everything is getting grey. With it life is getting dull and meaningless. The VOID is taking over. But there is still hope! Guide a soul sphere to restore the balance and bring the color and joy back to the world. „Color Souls“ is a complex puzzle game in which you have to solve color puzzles in mini golf like mazes.


Space-Rat: Xplode!

Space-Rat Xplode! is a small action game, which recreates the tried gameplay mechanics of the old classic Bomberman. It was developed by Bronx Studios Entertainment, a small independent game studio in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It was published in Germany by astragon software. The protagonist of the game is Ziggy Space-Rat, the hero of various comics, that were once published in the now distinct german gaming magazine „Aktueller Softwaremarkt„.


Third Person Beat’Em Up „Fukyuu“ – Project Aftermath Article

Fukyuu is a third person multiplayer beat-em-up game. The game was developed as the 4th semester project in Digital Media. We worked in a team of four people. Markus Filsinger created environmental props, Matthias Trumpfheller was responsible for level Design and Stephan Pfisterer worked the animation for the main character. I was responsible for programming and adjustments of the game engine. We all contributed to the design of the game mechanics.