First steps in a new game

The first features are being implemented in the game at the moment. I am currently mainly working on backend stuff to easily be able to create new races, classes, monsters and abilities for the player to choose from. This will also make the planned modding support easier. The game itself has not much to offer yet. I have a group of placeholder dwarf models. You can select individual characters in the group and let them walk to a certain position. The camera controls are implemented as well. I am currently working on equipping weapons and handling items. By extension, I am also working on the combat system. Soon the little dwarfs will have something to fight.

Project: Dwarves vs. Kobolds

Imagine a group of dwarven warriors, battle hardened professional specialists. They get ordered by the Lords of the Deep to retrieve an artifact which is the key to repair an old Digging Machine, which has gone haywire and threatens to destroy your home, the Mine City. After gathering intel about the location and stocking on equipment, they travel to the site of an abandoned ruin. It is an old castle, a remnant of the Old Kingdom of man from before the cataclysmic winter. The group’s scout takes a look at the surrounding area and finds out that a group of kobolds have established a lair inside the old halls. Those critters are not much of  a threat, so the warriors decide to take a head on approach. They charge head on into the entrance hall and surprise a group of scattered kobold scavengers. While the warrior’s fighter draws the attention on him, their wizard prepares a spell to deal quickly with the whole group. Suddenly a rumbling sound. A door leading deeper into the castle bursts into splinters, only to reveal a huge combat drake. It charges the fighter and pins him to the ground. They now have to think fast and come up with a new tactic. The scout scales a half decayed balcony to stay out of melee combat and starts peppering the reptilian beast with arrows. The wizard pushes the beast off their fighter with a thunder wave spell. Now it is up to the cleric to patch the injured companion back up. Only with combined efforts they will survive this.


Database Communication for 3D-Stadium

As a contractor for mindtrigger I worked on the 3D-Ticketing-System for the website

The system was developed using Unity 3D and deployed for WebGL. I created the communication with the existing ticketing system ashx-pages to get the same ticketing data, which were already displayed on the website’s Flash-Interface. I used Unity’s WWW class and external JavaScript calls over a jslib.

Auto Texture Tiling Tool

Everyone has been in this situation: you want to prototype some new map or build some architecture in the Editor, since you don’t want to fire up your 3D-modeling software for such simple stuff. You build a floor and some walls.
But oh no! The texture stretches! No problem, since you can set tiling in the Material Editor of Unity.
But oh no! Now the tiling of each side is the same. And it is also the same for any object with this material! But you don’t want that!
You give up completely frustrated and abandon your project for weeks, drinking yourself to sleep with vodka while binge watching Netflix.
There has to be a better way! But there isn’t…

Or is there…?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present:


FRCC Educational Game

The FRCC project is an educational game that teaches neurological biology with multiple choice quizzes and mini games. You control a customizable avatar of a student who has to talk to several NPCs. The NPCs then shows and tells information on the current topic and later present the multiple choice tests and mini games. A final test then assesses the learning progress of the student. The game consists of 12 levels which cover several different topics like „Stress“ and „Sleep Deprivation“.


Dark Matty

„Dark Matty“ is an arcade game with breakout-style game play for iOS and Android. The game was developed in Unity3D, using C# as the programming language. I did the programming for the whole game working by design concepts and ideas given by the customer. Additionally I added some animations, created the sounds and advised with several game design issues and helped to refine the game play.


Quest for Revenge

The great Kingdom of the west has fallen. The gods ignore the prayers of the desperate. A dark warlord has extinguished the last remaining princes of the land and there are no more heroes who can stand against the armies of evil.

The mercenary doesn’t care. The last person who meant anything to him, his only blood relative, was killed. He is sitting in prison for a murder that he didn’t commit. The murder of his own mother. Someone will bleed for it, and it will get ugly.