Nightmare Teddy

The night falls. A little girl goes to sleep. And the monsters in her closet awake. The only thing between her and a gruesome nightmare is hear fearless, cuddly guardian: her beloved stuffed toy teddy, brought to life by her love, ready to protect her from evil.

Nightmare Teddy was the last project I worked on while being employed at Bronx Studios in Frankfurt. The game was technically finished 5 years ago, but never released, because Bronx Studios disassembled. But recently I was approached by my former employers and tasked to finish up the last touches of the game, so it could finally be released. And now, after 5 years, it is finally done and released on iTunes!

In this project, I did the programming and the game design. The art was done by the very talented Rudy Eizenhöfer, the music and sounds were created by XLife Studios.

In the game you play a cuddly Teddy, who bravely protects a little girl from her nightmares. It features classical horde gameplay and a lot of upgrades and powers, which lets you prevail against the ever growing hordes of darkness and monsters.