War of Nations

The turn based strategy game „War of Nations“ is a prototype for a iOS game. You play one of three thriving nations, ready to conquer the world.

The prototype is in a very early stage, but it already features base building and the turn based combat. The world mode is similar to the board game „Risk“. Here you choose which country to manage and where to send your troops. The combat mode is classical hex-field turn based combat. You can already play versus a simple AI for world domination.

The future plan is to create more distinct factions with different buildings and units as well as tech trees. Various politcal actions are also planned, like media campaigns and prisoners of war. They are meant to complement the strategical battlefield action with an additional layer of tactics. The final game will feature a full story mode single player campaign, telling the story of each faction. The core game element will be the multiplayer part, where you can play matches for world domination and quick tactic matches for commander points.

You can test the game on Indie DB.