Tiger & Chicken

„Tiger & Chicken“ is an action RPG by Deck13 Interactive. You play a small chicken, which has to become a shaolin master in order to save its people. The game is controlled from a third person perspective.

The game is a full scale action RPG game, similar to Diablo, Deathspank or Darksiders. You can gather gold and a big variety of items, which grow in strength while you advance in the game. In the classless character system you can increase one of the three attributes (strength, stamina and chi), thus effectively furthering one of the three implicit classes, the samurai, the ninja or the monk. You can also learn certain skills like bullet time and attack chains and also increase their rank with character points you gain on a level-up. The third part of the character system is the magic, which is granted by the spirits of four deceased shaolin masters. Those ghost accompany you on your quest and represent the four elements, fire, water, earth and air. Each element grants a different set of magical powers.

I worked on “Tiger & Chicken” during an internship at Deck13 Interactive. My tasks was content integration of the assets in the in-house editor. I was tasked with building the levels from the given assets (like placing chests, safe points and NPCs) as well as with creating side-quests and dialogues.  A big part of my work was also game mechanics design by creating skills, skill trees as well as other parts of the character system. This also included the balancing of monster statistics, like hit points and attack values, but also the distribution of loot and the statistics for items, therefore taking care of a big part of the mechanical balance of the game. I also gave some input on the enemy mechanics design.
The game was released for iPad as well as for PC in 2013. You can play the first episode for free and have to pay for the remaining 4 episodes.